Who can enter?

To be eligible to receive a Resolution Fellowship:

  • You must be a current undergraduate student in college or university. (To be eligible for a Resolution Fellowship, you need to be enrolled as an undergraduate student and not yet have received an undergraduate degree. Integrated joint degree programs with a bachelors degree are permissible if you receive the joint degree at the same time as your bachelors degree (and that cannot have happened already). Students working toward an associates degree or who are working towards their first bachelors degree after their associates degree are eligible. Students who are working toward another non-bachelors degree that will be their first college or university-granted degree are also eligible.)
  • You must be a Founder of the social venture you are proposing.  The social venture must be created and led by the Founder(s).
  • You must present and represent the Venture in-person at the conference at both the Social Venture Forum and, if you move forward, the Finals.
  • You must not be a staff member or volunteer of the host conference for the Social Venture Challenge in which you are competing.
  • You must have at least one teammate working on your social venture. 
  • You and your team must be trustworthy and committed to ethical standards.

For more detailed requirements, please see our Eligibility Rules and Judging Guidelines.